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Meet Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories

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Contract Testing and Product Development

With Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories you will enjoy a host of attractive benefits that can effectively extend your in-house pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or cosmetic products development and analytical testing capabilities for long and short term projects. You will quickly realize how efficiently you can relieve the internal workload of your laboratory and products development department. In addition, you have our commitment to meet all agreed-upon delivery dates.

You'll find that Admix Pharma Laboratories offers a full range of technologically advanced services. You can choose the specific services that offer the most appropriate solutions to all your needs.

Meet Admix Pharma
Why Admix Pharma

Why Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories?

At Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories we know the path to get your company the desired end-result you are seeking. Our staff has spent over a decade honing the skills necessary to find the best ways to develop and test your future products and provide our clients with unmatched industry knowledge.

Analytical Site Capabilities

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Testing

  • Inactive Pharmaceutical Ingredients/Excipients Testing

  • Liquid, Solid, and Semi-Solid Dosage Forms Products Testing

  • Stability Testing

  • Analytical Method Development and Validation

  • Cleaning Validation Testing

Product Development Site Capabilities

  • Liquid, Solid and Semi-Solid Dosage Forms Product Development

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Sourcing

  • Inactive Pharmaceutical Ingredients/Excipients Sourcing

  • Product Marketability Evaluation

  • Pilot Batches Manufacturing and Stability Evaluation

  • Stability Indicating Analytical Testing Method Development and Validation

  • Submission (ANDA)/Stability Batch Manufacturing, Testing, and Stability Evaluation

  • Identification/Selection/Evaluation of an Appropriate CRO for Performance of Bioequivalence Studies

  • Bioequivalence Studies Performance Monitoring

  • Bioequivalence Studies Reports Evaluation

  • Compiling ANDA Submissions

  • Electronic Submission of ANDA (e-CTD format)

  • Pre-marketing Process Validation

  • Commercial Scale Manufacturing

Additional Controlled Substances Class V through I Capabilities


Made in the USA and Dedicated to Excellence

Since 2003

Contract Testing


Product Development

Pile of Pills


Lab Beakers

Chemical Testing

CRO Pharma

Environmental Testing


Testing and developing of the Products containing Controlled Substances Class I through V.​


Admix Pharma Laboratories

Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories' growth is attributed to our ability to understand the needs of our customers which have various industry requirements. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance testing, is focused on customer value, trust, respect, integrity and most importantly confidentiality. 



Admix Pharma Analytical  Laboratories, LLC utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation. In today's competitive market, globalization has a major impact on various manufacturing companies. It is imperative to have reliable access to state-of-the-art instrumentation for Quality Control and Quality Assurance testing in the areas of Chemistry and Microbiology.

professional accreditation

Admix Pharma Laboratories is a reliable Quality Control and Quality Assurance laboratory with customer value, trust, respect, integrity, confidentiality, and commitment. With the ever growing competition, it is important for organizations to be reassured that they are getting the exceptional service they expect.

Experienced staff

The individuals working for Admix Pharma Laboratories are experienced analysts in the industry, not just entry level employees. All employees who are involved in analyzing manufactured products have been vetted for both analytical and micro services. 

The Quality You Can Trust

Our 100% in-process quality assurance guarantees that you will receive timely and accurate services and products.

This unwavering commitment to quality ensures strict compliance with critical cGMP, cGLP, and cGCP standards.

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Office 908.546.1505

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3001 Hadley Road

Unit 8

South Plainfield, NJ 07080

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