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Product Development

Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories has 18 + years of experience in developing Analytical Methodology and Finished Products, which will meet the highest criteria and support in achieving patient's therapeutic needs.


We can assist with Product Development for all Liquid, Solid, and Semi-Solid Dosage Forms for Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical,  and Cosmetics.


Product Development Studies

During the Product Development process our highly experienced staff will manufacture a large number of PD batches in order to prevent ingredient interference, determine the best formulation and assure purity and stability of the products.


Scientific Approach

At Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories we take on a scientific approach with our product development. We focus on active ingredients and standardized, well-defined preparations as well as unique technological solutions.


We also offer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and excipients sourcing.


Comprehensive Documentation Package

All products are developed with comprehensive analysis and thorough documentation, including  Product Development Reports, Method Development and Validation Protocols and Reports, Stability profiles, Certificates of analysis and other documentation required to prepare ANDA submission to FDA.


We offer selecting of the CRO to perform Bioequivalence Studies and monitoring their performance.

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