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Chemical Testing


We offer a wide range of services in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic spheres, which includes product development and chemical testing.


Admix Pharma Laboratories is a leading analytical testing laboratory specializing in stability testing, developing and product marketability evaluation

Our key priorities are meeting our clients’ needs and expectations in the most exceptional way and delivering the job upon agreed time.

We provide accurate and comprehensive documentation upon the delivery of the job. Our analytical testing laboratory has professional and experienced staff who will help you test and develop your future product and find the most efficient solution to resolving any issues you might have in order to make your product market ready.

One of the key spheres our analytical testing laboratory has been focusing on the finished product testing. We offer a wide range of services, including chemical testing. With the rapid growth of requirements in the industry, it is crucial to always stay a step ahead and improve your product formula in order to meet the latest market demands and make your product unique and safe for usage. Our analytical laboratory performs stability testing, quality control and quality assurance testing, using the latest technologies and active pharmaceutical ingredients sourcing.

Building your chemical testing company in many ways depends on choosing the right analytical testing services that will help you with issues and find solutions for improvement of your product. We are here to take care of that and help you achieve your goals.

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