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Pharmaceutical Laboratory


Admix Pharmaceutical Laboratory has been providing outstanding services to our clients in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries for over 18 years.

Our Staff is highly experienced in the Pharmaceutical Product development sphere. We take our unmatched industry knowledge to the next level and always follow the latest trends and requirements in the industry. We provide quality control and quality assurance testing, as well as product stability testing and product marketability evaluation.

Our analytical testing laboratory uses the latest technology and approach to chemical testing, environmental testing, stability testing and product marketability evaluation.

We make sure to keep up with the latest requirements and test our clients’ future products for quality control and quality assurance.


We use our latest technologies and scientific approach during research in order to receive the most accurate data and helping our clients resolve any issues with their future product and improving it in order to make sure that it meets all the latest needs of the market.

Our pharmaceutical laboratory is dedicated to delivering the best and highly qualified services to our customers. We respect and value your time and trust, therefore we always guarantee to deliver job in a timely manner and provide you with comprehensive and accurate documentation.


Helping our clients with development of their future products and business is our main concern. We appreciate your trust and promise to do our best to meet your expectations.

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