Admix Pharma product testing laboratory

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Our product testing laboratory has been focusing on advancing our CBD product development sphere for the past few years due to the rapidly growing demand in this branch.

Admix Pharma Analytical Laboratories is an advanced analytical testing laboratory with over 18 years of experience in testing and developing of the products containing controlled substances, including cannabis products, as long as a wide range of services in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

Our product testing laboratory has a long list of satisfied customers who have untrusted the development of their future products to us. We always stay on top of the latest requirements of CBD product development industry. Ensuring safety of the product is one of the main and most important components of efficient CBD product testing and development.

Our highly experienced and professional employees use the most advanced technologies and up-to-date equipment in order to achieve the most accurate data in the shortest time. We are highly dedicated to delivering the job upon the agreed date and providing comprehensive and accurate documentation.

We use analytical method development and validation in the process of stability testing and product marketability evaluation. Our product testing laboratory will take the weight of worries about technicalities off your shoulders and ensure that your future product has undergone quality control and quality assurance testing and the formula is improved to fit the market needs if necessary.

We are here to help you build your company and achieve unmatched industry efficiency and knowledge.

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