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Analytical Testing Services by Admix Pharma Laboratories

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We offer reliable Analytical testing services and guarantee great results.
Analytical testing services

Admix Pharma Laboratories is one of the most trusted and experienced analytical testing services providing chemical testing for over 18 years.

Our professional and reliable staff can help you with fixing any relatable problems and questions with product testing and development.

We are proud to say that we provide efficient and fast services using the most advanced technologies and scientific approach to analytical testing services. All our client can be assured that the agreed deadlines will be met on time and with all necessary documentation and certificates.

Decades of scientific expertise and access to market-leading technology enable us to meet your development and manufacturing needs, and be the leading company in analytical testing services, no matter how complex. Our Analytical testing services, such as a Method development, validation or transfer or fully integrated drug discovery and development program.

Testing is one of the most important spheres on which our laboratory is specialized in.

Analytical testing services nj

We offer flexible services which solve the main problems in question, help reduce risks and develop the best solutions for your business.

Our laboratory provides analytical testing services for all types of Pharmaceutical Products. So all our clients can be fully satisfied with the result.

You can fully entrust your research to us and we will make sure that all your needs and expectations will be met accordingly to our contract.


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