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Pharmaceutical product development is one of the key spheres

Admix Pharma specializes in environmental testing, stability testing and product marketability evaluation. Our services cover a wide range of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industry spheres product development.

Our analytical testing laboratory has been delivering exceptional services for over 18 years. We offer unmatched analytical laboratory services. We have experienced professional individuals in the industry working for us, so that we can ensure to meet all our clients’ needs and rapidly and effectively solve any of their problems. Having the highest technologies and equipment allows us to find the best solutions for your projects in the shortest time. Our analytical testing services will provide you with necessary documentation and help you develop and improve your future product formulas.

We make sure to always stay on top of the latest industry trends and requirements. Pharmaceutical product testing has been one of the key spheres our analytical testing company specializes in. Knowing the current market allows us to find the most efficient solutions to your product development issues by providing exceptional analytical laboratory services and speed up the process if launching your company.

Safety is a crucial requirement in pharmaceutical industry. Our Pharmaceutical Product development services assists in testing and development of the products containing controlled substances.

Our outstanding experience in analytical laboratory services assures achieving

the best results.

Leave resolving the questions with your Pharmaceutical product development to us and be assured to receive the desirable results you need.


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