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Hire best Independent testing laboratory around US

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Here, at Admix Pharma , we are committed to providing the most advanced services in testing and development. We are one of the leading independent testing laboratories in the industry.

Independent testing laboratory

Our independent testing laboratory staff consists of the most professional and experienced individuals in the sphere of testing and developing of the products containing controlled substances.

Our analytical testing laboratory can ensure our clients to receive the most rapid and effective solutions to any of their issues, such as stability testing, product marketability evaluation and other questions regarding the development and issuing of their products.

Our independent testing laboratory uses the most advanced and highly reliable equipment and technologies in order to make sure that our customers are satisfied and well informed of the efficiency of their product.

Independent testing laboratory

Apart from a precise testing of your product, we guarantee a rapid and easy solution for your products.

With the standards in this sphere increasing at high speed, it is important to always be on top of the industry.

Our independent testing laboratory has been improving our technologies for years, so that our clients can always rely on the fastest and most reliable solutions for their needs. We use development and validation in the process of testing products.

Our pharmaceutical laboratory follows strict and extensive requirements from a worldwide range of regulatory agencies. Entrust the solving of your issues to us and we ensure the safety and prosperity of your company!


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