Analytical lab testing services in USA by Admix Pharma

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Admix Pharma can solve all your problems and questions regarding Analytical lab testing and Development, including CBD.

Our highly equipped testig laboratory provides efficient and accurate Analytical lab testing of both finished products and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and also cosmetic and nutraceutical products.

Analytical lab testing

We offer method development and validation in drug development and manufacture.

All our clients can be assured that their products will undergo the most advanced Quality Control and Quality Assurance testing.

Our analytical testing services pays close attention to providing all legal documentation in the most elaborate and accurate form upon the delivery of the contract.

Analytical lab testing

A happy customer is the reward for our hard work and experience. We never stop developing and improving our services and criteria. Therefore we are the leading company in analytical lab testing.

With a very rapid growth of requirements for CBD products, we make sure that our clients can receive the best results and the fastest resolve with their CBD testing.

Our independent testing laboratory is proud and happy to declare that our technologies and scientific approach to testing lead to the most efficient results regarding any of your analytical lab testing issues.

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